Foodies are Just One Step Away from Indian Food in Madrid

Before jumping over the Indian food restaurant in Madrid, Foodies should unfold some mysteries of tasty Indian food. Indian food is totally different from the foods of any other country. Indian food has solution to satisfy every type of taste from “Hyderabadi biriyani” to the crispy “jalebis”.

Indian food has a wide range of variety and it is not limited to “curry”, “tanduri” and “tikka”. Rather these names can be treated as an introduction to the vast recipe books on Indian food. History of Indian food is originated from an early period of civilized society. Since then Indian food continues to be richer and richer through many generations by different experiments. It is really troublesome to categorize all the different foods under a single category. Food cultures of various Indian regions are hugely different from each other. South Indians prefer coconut, tamarind, curd, unripe mango, vinegar, lime juice, peeper as their ingredients.  So far Punjabi foods are concerned, Punjabis like to put lot of butter, “ghee”, coriander powder into their recipes. A new study has revealed that the belief that Indian foods are made in unhealthy and unscientific way is not correct. Indian foods are also made in scientific approach.

A recent report published by Indian Institute of Technology (Jodhpur) states that blending of entirely different ingredients make Indian food delicious and unique. Unlike Indian foods, western foods are made of similar kinds of flavor with least variety. Some interesting facts have been found in this report such as:

  • The report analyzed some recipes in which 200 ingredients out of 381 belong to different parts of the world having an average of 7 ingredients in fish and 40 in maximum.
  • “Mughlai” foods are made of more ingredients.
  • Each ingredient is composed of a group of chemical compounds
  • The report has published another interesting fact that in Indian foods, only those ingredients are used whose flavors never overlap with each other. This discovery opens the door of new innovations to those who love to experiment.

Most of the people around the world are now appreciating Indian foods. With each bite of tasty Indian food, one can have a heavenly feeling. Indians, staying outside, become nostalgic whenever they get a chance to exercise their own food cultures in abroad. Those who have never seen India, fall for India by eating delicious Indian foods. There are many best places to eat in Madrid. But few places offer pure Indian foods.

Swagat, a Indian restaurant, offers Indian food in Madrid to satisfy cravings for all types of delicious Indian food, spicy, sweet or anything. Find out the best place to eat in Madrid go through this



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