Greek Flavor on the dishes of Indian Foods: Get now in an Indian Food Restaurant in Madrid

An Indian food restaurant in Madrid reconciles Greek and India. Surprised? Don’t be surprised. Greek food means fresh, seasonal vegetables, yoghurt, non-processed cheese, lots of rare herbs, salads etc. Seafood and meats take place in daily Greek meals. Well, the description is enough to remind one Indian food. Greek and Indian foods are really similar to each other. Taste of Greek foods has been found similar to Indian foods.

“Tzatziki” is a Greek food which is made of a blend of yoghurt, cucumber, oil, garlic and vinegar resembles the Indian food named “raita”. “Raita” is as popular in India as “tzatziki” in Greece. Even it can be said that “tzatziki” is the Greek version of Indian “raita”. Greeks take “tzatziki” with small dishes called meze, whatever hot, spicy or cold and sweet. Greeks eat almost everything. But they use more herbs and less spice in their recipes unlike Indians.

Greek taverns are nothing but elaborate forms of Indian “dhabas”. Even there are many best places to eat in Madrid which can be regarded as large type of Indian “dhaba” with affordable price.

Greek starters generally include “keftedas” which are small and fried balls made of meats or sometime vegetables. This is exactly like the Indian starter named “kofta”. Greeks make roundels of eggplant in the same way Indians make “baigun vaja” except the fact that unlike Indians, Greeks give sometime to keep the vegetable its own taste, then add turmeric with little other spices. Another difference is that Indians like to have their starters hot while Greek starters are served cold.

Dolmakadia is a Greek dish which is made of vegetables and rice kept in cabbage leaves or in vine to be streamed. People, belonging to the western part of India make a similar recipe with “yam” leaves and colocasia. Mousaka is another favorite dish, made of fried egg plant which is layered by mince meat, cheese and sauces. Greece culture is a very ancient culture. Similarly, Indian culture is also ancient culture with various rich aspects. Cooking is a part of culture. It reflects some aspects of a particular culture which help to identify the community which exercises that culture. As for example, Punjabis, an Indian community can be identified by their spicy foods having touches of “butter “and “ghee”. Their love for hot, spicy and colorful foods makes it clear that they are very colorful people. On the other hand, Greeks prefer food served cold. It may symbolize their calm and cool nature. This is really interesting. Isn’t it?

Swagat, the best destination for Indian food in Madrid offers different types of Indian foods with pure Indian essence.


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