Get Amazing Indian Flavor In An Indian Restaurant In Madrid

Indian Food in MadridMany people, unknown to Indian culture may be curious about Indian food restaurant in Madrid. And Indians in Madrid are eagerly looking for it. Well Foodies are all ready to jump over the Indian foods. Right? Some information may increase the cravings for Indian foods.

Indian culture is not only one of the ancient cultures but also one of the richest in the world. Twenty nine states of India are divided into four regions such as north, north East and East, west, and south. Most popular cuisines of north India include Rogan josh, Dum Aloo, Mango Firni, polao, kebabs, biriyani, tanduri etc. Various types of lassi, lemon juice, sugarcane juice, mango juice, coconut juice are some of the most popular beverages in India.

In Western part of India, poha, badam halwa, dhokla are very popular. In the East and North-East zone, several fish items and various types of sweets are very popular. South Indian dishes include Thosai, erachi masala, green mango chatni etc.

Indian foods are made of a variety of spices in order to add flavor, aroma and color into the food. North Indians specially prioritize aroma in their foods. Possibly no other country uses a wide range of spices as India uses. Not only Indian spices are used in Indian foods. India has happily embraced spices from other countries and gives them permanent shelter in Indian Kitchen such as asafetida (from Iran), basil (from Egypt), Cinnamon (from Sri Lanka), cloves (from Indonesia) etc.

The long list of Indian foods and drinks, given above, certainly makes one yearning for the foods. Swagat Restaurant, an Indian restaurant offers best Indian foods in Madrid.


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