Top 4 Myths About Indian Food In Madrid

Best places to eat in Madrid includes Indian restaurants as well. No one can deny that Indian cuisine is the tastiest one among all the cuisines worldwide. People from Western world are really curious about the secret behind the success of Indian dishes. At the same time, there are many myths about the food of the sub-continent. There are lots of misconceptions about the country and about its food. Some of the top misconceptions are discussed below.

Only expert chefs can handle Indian dishes

Indian dishes are rich. These are complex to some extent. Therefore, there is a misconception that Indian food is difficult to cook. Only expert chefs can handle these dishes. It is true that Indian cooking style takes time and patience. But it is not impossible at all. A beginner may face some difficulties when trying cook Indian dish for the first time. Some of the Italian dishes take a lot of time to be cooked. But no one says that cooking Italian foods are so difficult.  The dishes of the sub-continent can also be cooked by anyone. It will be great if a beginner before making an attempt to cook Indian foods gather some myths and truth about Indian food.


Indian food is unhealthy. This is nothing but a myth as recent studies have revealed the healthy aspect of Indian dishes.

Indian food is spicy

Indian food is spicy but this does not mean each Indian item is spicy. Diversity is seen in every field of the country. Dishes are also diverse. In some states, foods are spicy while in other states, sweet is preferred.

Indian dish contains only curry

Curry is a popular dish no doubt, but there are various other dishes in the sub-continent other than curries.

One thing is true that this type of food takes much time to be cooked. But this is not a problem if one is craving for delicious Indian dishes.  Indian restaurants are spread in every corner of the world. One can order the foods or go to a restaurant to enjoy the divine taste.

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